Player Class

I don’t believe in the concept of having ONE CLASS to rule them. Which is why, among other reasons, the Wizarding class has taken a long walk off a short pier. Sorcerery still exists sort of it lives in a hybrid existence with Barbarians (which aren’t raw standard either). Oracles and Clerics aren’t base classes. Druid has been split into the Green Warden a nature-based healing spell caster and the Skinwalker the nature talking wild-shaping spell-less shaman. Bards have lost some expertise in skills known but not in spells acquired. Witches can learn up to 9th level spells but their Patrons are MUCH more active in their lives. And their spell lists are less

Rangers and Paladins use an entirely different package than RAW, though they are both still fighter subtypes.’
Fighters, Rogues, and Monks have been getting the shaft for the LONGEST time in every other system

Guns don’t yet exist – but the science is almost there. So, Gunslingers aren’t a thing YET. You can still play a class with grit in the crossbow-wielding Marksman.

The schools of magic have changed. Though many standard spells still exist. Lists for magic are shattered into various spell lists. Available to lesser semi-casting classes by Bard Archetypes

Warlord CultistHeraldWitcherPaladin
Hunter – - SkaldLawkeeper – -
AkashicSkinWalkerGreenbondBard – -
– - Occultist – - EdgeWalkerShaman
Thief – - – - Burn Master – -
Marksman – - – - ChemistInquisitor

Enemy Organizations

Player Class

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