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How to Create a Character.
The majority of the rules I use can be found in the CRB – Core Rule Book and the APG – Advanced Players Guide. If your concept draws on rules that largely exist elsewhere. There’s a good chance I’ll say ’ No ’. Which is not to say that I will automatically but your FIRST hurdle is to make me love your concept enough that I go looking for all the rules in all the other places.

1. Concept First.
2. Alignment. Benchmarks,
3. Race
4. Player Class
5. attribute points
6. Hit point method
7. Feats by class, two additional Traits beyond racial standard. Select Spells and Domains (if warranted)
Spell lists have been modified according to the Revised Spell Lists
8. Class assigned Skill Groups
9. Bonus Alternate Advancement
10. Magic Gear / sanctioned equipment

Basic Player Presumptions

Main Page \\ Standard Template

Rules and Homebrew

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