Belasko Diablo

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Every characters dust jacket will become that hook that every other character may use to include themselves into your past AND to know just who your character is in the world (or thinks he is – as there is always a distance between saying and being.). YOU will always be THE primary hero (or villian) of your own tale but other characters may decide to take a part. As an advanced character I’m not expecting the start of a story. But remember your character is not yet established. Information provide may alude to adventures but not finish them The should contain hooks and motives that other players may include themselves in your story. And reasons to include/join you when the party eventually forms. With this in mind True Loners concepts will not be accepted.

Also regardless of plans to the contrary some one will ALWAYS heard of you… or your actions. You may as well embrace this truth. [OoC: Note the Oracle of Bacon, to exemplify this reality in our own world.]
No universe is sufficiently large as to allow for the possibility where a number of complete strangers without a shred of shared experiences could, or would, actually end up in the same place at the same time to accomplish the same end. Knowing, or knowing of, the other guy will be the basis of interaction. And, WILL define the nature of the party as a whole including any possible motivation to exist as a group beyond the to pursuit of one goal, at one time.

Your character will not be the exception to this premise.

Character Creation Outline | Dramatis Personae

Belasko Diablo
Ferry Ship Captain
[Officer, Merchant, Engineer. Occult scholar. Adventurer. Scoundrel. ]
Armand de’ Marquez Ex-patriot, and Ranking Senior Ensign of the Catalonian Navy. Became a New Citizen and ‘Officer’ of the Novus Ordum nation after being exiled from the nation of his birth. Now a private captain for hire he commands the exotic small ship he stole from his previous command. Armand changed his name to Belasko Diablo, and runs the business venture on the "Bad Penny’ with his long time compatriot and First Mate – Grant Black.

Armand feels his new name is a commentary of his new self but wont expand on why. Attempting to remain neutral it is occasionally hard to conceal how bitter his about how his otherwise patriotic service ended. With an assassination attempt and disavowal of the Occult Engineering he pioneered on behalf of his country. Belasko considers himself honorable despite having left his commission and stolen Royal Property. There is an open and on going warrant of his arrest by the Church Triumphant who want to try and convict him for Arcanistry.

Belasko loves his family and forgives them for distancing themselves from him and his deeds. The recounting of which becomes greater each year. Although he does not regret joining the navy, Belasko deeply regrets not having a life outside of it. No wife, no children. Few friends and now… no family. He often says that his greatest sin was that he has “seen the a large part of the world” but is guilty of not participating in it. A condition he now spends great time correction. His lack of straight an narrow morality has lead him to be occasionally just off center of various obscure plots….of Piracy and Thievery. Belasko is often inspired to follow a path because of the adventure … rather than goal at the end of it.

Belasko Diablo

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