You want to know the saddest bit? I – who have attempted to free you all of my life from your self-induced prison – I will be executed. So firm is the grip of so call ‘organized’ FAITH that wraps you in its web of deceit and self-delusion. You only traded one delusion for another.”

“*_Listen to me you fools._ We already live in the days AFTER the much-feared End Days. The prophecized End Times were not arranged against us ….but *they will be brought on by us. To the semi-bitter regret of the dogmatic faithful, the world DID NOT destroy itself in a conflagration of religious inequity.

Our mortal kith remains …to sin; or not. Far beyond the day of their declared reckoning. The day when we ALL should have ‘Paid unto Eternity Doors’. "

“*Its a lie.* A simple seduction that allows some to lord their purity over others. And belittling everyone in the process. We were never meant to be so small. Imprisoned by your Fears. By their descriptions of your flaws from an unattainable ideal. We are not Eternal why struggle in the attempt to attain that state of perfection. We Are Mortal designed from clay. It’s our strength as much as our weakness.

Why suffer such slings and arrows…. why be hampered by their confining ‘graces’? Tomorrow is another Day! Another chance to shed the shackles of complacent ignorance and false righteousness!"

“We can do more than pray to the GODS for their forgiveness. It is not up to them to secure our salvation!!!
It is NOT by their Grace alone that determines if we will succeed or fail! Are we, not their children, created as THEY would have us be?! And as THEY would have us act, in truth. If THEY are truly as powerful, and as wise, as we hope they are… who are WE to doubt their plan? Surely. If we can succeed without them, IS IT NOT their WILL that we do so?? If they did truly care for us …would they have NOT have left us with more than the capacity to pray for our salvation?”

“Will you…! Will you refute the evidence of your own eyes and say that they DON’T still walk this Material Earth?”

Fulfilling age-old vendettas. Limited by their rigid nature.; And bound by fell purpose. And, should they be willful enough to seek freedom beyond their obligations? Then these poor mirrors of lesser truth’s will roam on this … OUR WORLD…. quenching thirsts and pangs of hunger they barely understand. Acting like tiny despots in their paradigms of the cult of ‘Higher Faith’. It was not for the minions was this GARDEN created!!"

“They are minions of the powerful; BESOTTED by temptations they were never meant to taste. BURNING with the consuming fire of vengeance against their eternal counterparts, and BEREFT by a misconstrued betrayal, their inability to return to the constant realm from which they were formed.

The GODS, our PARENTS, are no longer able to guide the footsteps of their children. Won’t you hold out a hand and aid your brothers and sisters? To share security and comfort in our mutual searching? Seeking out the fire to light the path; Will you become a beacon? Burning brightly if only for a little while so that more will find a home?

Or ….will you hide your knowledge and pursue avarice and wrath.
Damning those who you could have saved. Clinging to the illusions of material wealth.

Bah… Sacrifice me then to your Savagery if you must. I will reach out to the Akashic Memory to the children of your children. I beseech you, our future selves who may know the truth of my words long after I am gone.

I bid you rise up. Rise up and realize that YOU must be the one to face our enemy. You who were once protected once loved as individuals have only each other to guard against the coming of war.
RISE and protect each other for love, for justice, for kinship, for pride, for innocence, …for Fate’s Sake, if nothing else.

<central>If YOU do not pick up Our Father’s Sword … Our Mother’s Shield… who will defend our right to a Free and Just future?</central>

- These are the last words of the Heretic John Owen Robert Trews – ‘Old Hob’; recorded directly into the Akashic Memory hours before his execution, N.C.E. 268.

The Declaration of the heretic Jack Trews ended the Age of Power. This death was lauded by the central empire as the first moment of unity between two forces of control in the Church Triumphant. The then sea nation, Athos and the Warriors state of Theturos; these countries would forge the single most powerful governing force inside the Central Empire until the Reconciliation. ._

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