Player Class

I don’t believe in the concept of having ONE CLASS to rule them. Which is why, among other reasons, most wizarding type classes have taken a long walk off a short pier. Sorcerery still lives in a hybrid existence. Oracles, Clerics, and Paladins are no longer base classes and cannot begin via starting character.

The Druid has been split into the Green Warden a nature-based divine caster and the Edgewalker a wild-shaping shaman with the old ranger spell list. Bards have lost some expertise in skills known but are still the jack of all trades. Witches are this world’s powerhouse of magical ability although their path to spells higher than 5th is not nearly as ‘clean’ as it once was, their Patrons are MUCH more active in their lives.

Rangers [Hunters] use an entirely different package than RAW and is now a striker class (lacking spell use). Fighters, Rogues, and Monks have been getting the shaft for the LONGEST time in every other system, and I’m really trying to correct that here.

Guns don’t yet exist – but the science is almost there. So, you may see a cannon or two practicing for seige weapons. Gunslingers aren’t a thing YET. You can still play a class with grit in the crossbow-wielding Marksman (per the archetype Bolt Ace).

The schools of magic have changed (at least in name). Magic Lists are one again splintered into various niches and made available to semi-casting classes

(Hybrid Cavalier)
– - Clerics
(Hybrid Ranger)
– - Skald
(Hybrid Barbarian)
(Hybrid Monk)
– -
– - MesmerGreenbond
– - – - Paladin
– - EdgeWalker
(Hybrid Druid)
Thief – - Primal Savage
(Hybrid Barbarian)
Burn Master
– -
– - – - Saboteur

Regarding characters who wish to multiclass, Single classed characters receive class-based perks which will be forfeit should a character multiclass. Hybrid characters are considered to already be multiclassed. These classes may not multiclass with their ‘parent’ classes.
Example, A Skald may not multiclass with any class containing a Bard or a Barbarian, which includes (Herald or Primal Savage).

Player Class

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