Campaign Timeline

The Age of Dreams
Sketchy Legends individual stories. Baddies with ever changing names. Myths about demigods. Legendary locations and powerful items. Things of that nature

The Great Cataclym
The dreamer wakes. The end of the first era. The reshaping of the known atlas.
Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Tidal forces, Spell blights, Meteor strikes Landmasses rise, fall, rise again, and fall again. Civilizations are lost, and reforged. The death count numbers in the billions. Dire threats to mortal lives entombed since the beginning of time a released to raise havoc. Some do some don’t, instead turning their own hands to create the city forever. Celestials and Internals eternal war springs up on earth. The gods banish themselves to the outer realms and Balance/Fate forces their counter parts to leave as well. True outsiders are wakened due to loss of eternity on the prime reality. The release of necromantic energy causes the once empty prophecies of a thousand would be prophets to focus on the prime reality as a locus point of truth.
Don’t under stand any of that? Play the game and figure it out.

An Earth grown Wyld
An all too magical influence has infused nature to grow well be on the confines of the norm. The ground ever to fertile does not grow fallow, ever. Instead of a boon to provide resources to starving people farms have to claim and reclaim land as grasses and weeds can overgrow in days rather than months. But not always and not every where. Striking as if directed by an oft spiteful intelligence. The Savage Wyld has overcome man’s ability to despoil nature, animals are not overcome by this bounty. Unharmed by the wyld even when in the same area as it. Directing itself against mans attempts toward deprivation. Druids have become more intrinsic to the provincial society, guarding their flock against the Wyld – a force that not even the mythic green wardens truly understand.

The War of Power
Supremely Elite beings of mortal magical might (Divine and Arcane) try to regain the perfection of the Age of dreams by main innate magical power. Various Utopia like structures devolve into less than functioning Dystopia. Rebellions form due to lack of leadership or poor leadership.

The War of Rage
Every low magic rebel turned champion and further buffed by magical gadgetry from both after and before the fall of dreams turn to their own attempts of rulership. It takes shorter time for these governments to rise after the War of Power and longer for them to fall. Magic again being insufficient to bind together society languishing under the weight of poor leadership.

Imperial History
The Inquest takes blood river
The Nine Keys are Forge
The Last Bastion Breaks
The Hundred Moons War
Siege of Sohat
War of Frozen Fires
The Covenant of Kings Signed
Assault of Red Waters
The Charduni War Ends
The Trial of Heresy Begins
The Age of Sail and Exploration
The Free States
The Harvest List
The Isklar Lowlands
Water breaking


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