Character Creation Outline

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How to Create a Character.

1. Establish a Concept First.
Don’t worry about attributes or abilities, understand your desired character first… the rest will follow. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

2. Alignment. Pick from this list of moralities [LG, LN, LE, NG, CG] to guide your PC.
◦ Before you think this is outrageously limiting to think about this immediately after concept – review these Benchmarks, THIS is the manner and standard by which I will review all actions. I guarantee this methodology is something other than RAW standard.

3. Pick a Race from those allowed per Campaign facet.
◦ This is probably the most restricted aspect of any game I run.

4. Pick a Player Class from those allowed per Campaign facet.
◦ There are Restricted Classes and a few Removed Classes.

5. Assign attribute points using the point buy system. The number of attribute points on the point by WILL change by facet.
◦ This WEB calculator will automatically attribute any selected race modifiers you may have wanted .
◦ Remember to apply your 4th level Stat increase, before game play.

6. Hit point method is determined according to the Campaign facet.
◦ Hit points may be raised with use of the retraining system pregame start by expending a portion of the assigned starting wealth.

7. Assign Feats by class, two additional traits beyond racial standard. Select Spells and Domains (if warranted)
◦ The use of Core Rule Book and Advance Player Guide feats trees are actively encouraged.
◦ Certain Domains, Traits, etc…. will be denied.
◦ Due to some attempt to rectify class tier balancing – spell lists have been modified according to the Revised Spell Lists
◦ Many Paizo ‘source’ books and all 3rd party source books must be approved on a case by case basis.
◦ There are Campaign Feats and Traits which may grant better advantages and are specific to each facet.

8. There are house rules governing class assigned Skill Groups which will expand the few skill points granted to any class. Please review these rules before assigning points for single skills.
◦ There are major differences in how Knowledge skills are governed. I would encourage the use of Profession Skills to explain applied knowledge due to career choices. Knowledge simply the retention of studied subjective Lore not the objective truth.

9. The PC may take Flaws in the Bonus Alternate Advancement system and purchase additional creation points or as well as a campaign Merits with this method.

10. All PC’s begin with the standard amount of wealth for a for their advanced level according to the campaign facet.
◦ Magic Gear may be purchased this way must be approved. There is a sanctioned equipment list due to the multiplicity of differing magic / alchemy systems.

Main Page \\ Table of Contents \\ Character Creation Outline

Character Creation Outline

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