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Allowed PC alignments include the Lawful alignments or the Good alignments or both. A player may not play Chaotic Neutral (Anarchist), Chaotic Evil (Diabolic), Neutral Evil (Miscreant), or True Neutral.
Lots of people get bent out of shape regarding alignment; I’ve said this else where but it bears repeating. Your character isn’t compelled to act in any given fashion – its called Free Will. But everyone has a benchmark of expected behavior. As a mortal being, you are wonderfully flawed and occasionally inconsistent – non-mortal beings (outsiders) behave to one extreme, or another, consistently. Alignment really isn’t a problem unless you’re a divine caster or you cross paths with an outsider. The following are my benchmarks of aligned behavior…

The Moral, The Malicious, The Methodical, and The Mercenary.

Principled (Lawful Good)
Principled characters are, generally, the strong, moral character. Superman is of principled alignment; these are those who have the highest regard for other’s lives and well-being, truth and honor. They will always attempt to work with and within the law.
This character will help a little old lady across the street and petition to get a traffic stop installed on the crosswalk, object if it failed, and reapply the petition.

Scrupulous (Neutral Good)
Scrupulous characters value life and freedom above all else, and despise those who would deprive others of them. This type of hero is typically who is forced to work beyond the law, yet for the law, and the greater good of the people. These characters will always attempt to work with or within the law whenever possible.
This character will help a little old lady across the street and if the petition fails in council might arrange for stop sign to be ‘transplanted’ there anyway.

Prudent (Lawful Neutral)
A Prudent person is a fanatic to the edicts and orders of his parent authority, but will work within the law as long as he can or until ordered to do otherwise.
This character will help the old lady across the road, not object if the petitions fails, and arrest the Scrupulous character for misappropriation of town resources. Depending.

Unprincipled (Chaotic Good)
This basically good person tends to be selfish, greedy, and holds his/her personal freedom and welfare above almost everything else. This character is always on the lookout for a quick buck and if pressured will find themselves on the side of good, whether or not they want him.
This character will help a little old lady across the street if it doesn’t seem likely than anyone else is going to step up to the task. He might also angle the old lady for a tip.

Anarchist (Chaotic Neutral)
This type of character likes to indulge himself in everything. The uncommitted freebooter who will consider doing anything if the price is right or the possibility of enjoyment it is great enough.
This character will stop his car and honk at the little old lady crossing the street and heckle the nearby crowd until somebody gets off their ass to get her out of his way.

Miscreant (Neutral Evil)
This self-serving, unscrupulous character is out only for himself. It doesn’t matter who gets caught in the middle, he will lie, cheat, steal and kill to attain these goals. Most petty thugs tend to be this alignment.
This character would gleefully run down the old lady claiming that someone ought to have put up a traffic stop sign and its the victim fault for attempting to cross the road.

Diabolic (Chaotic Evil)
This is the cold, brutal killer who trusts no one and has no value for any life other than his own. They will lie, cheat, use and abuse anyone or anything less powerful than themselves.
This character would set up land mines in the cross walk waiting for little old ladies …or cars.

Aberrant (Lawful Evil)
An aberrant person has definite code of ethics, whether anyone else likes them or not. Criminal overlords tend to be this alignment
This character will help the old lady across the street and be seen doing it – to get in the good graces of the good characters. Use his authority to Harass the Anarchist for disturbing the peace. Arrest the Miscreant and the Diabolist, grant them a fair trial, followed by a first class hanging.

Main Page \\ Alignments


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