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    Welcome to the Garden of Forlorn Hope
    * "You want to know the saddest bit? I - who have attempted to free you all of my life from your self induced prison - I will be executed. So firm is the grip of so call 'organized' FAITH that …

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    [[Home Page| Primary Advertisement]] \\ Main Page

    *The Five Books of Faust*
    The Framing Story*The Governed Reality*
    [[Kosmogina]] [[Apocrypha]] [[Vulgata …

  • John Q Public

    [[Main Page]] \\ Ethics

    Code of the West

    1) Live each day with courage.
    2) Take pride in your work.
    3) Always finish what you start.
    4) Do what has to be done …

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    [[Main Page]] \\ Table of Contents

    Basics & Ability ScoresStandard Races Feats Traits
    Ability Scores [[Benchmarks|Alignment]] [[Character Creation Outline]] Lexicon [[Player Class]] [[ …

  • In a Nutshell

    [[Main Page]] \\ In a Nutshell *Human-centric* The opening background features a human-dominated kingdom called the Central Empire. Although the PC's may choose to play non-human characters the majority of NPC's they meet will be human. The game …

  • Casting Rules

    [[Main Page]] \\ [[Casting Rules]] These are the rules which have the widest spread regarding all spell casting classes. Rules which change the scope of what is possible and what is expected. By these variant rules will all spell casting …

  • M1_Meaning

    [[Main Page]] \\ [[Casting Rules]] \\ [[M1_Meaning]] a. The minimum caster level of a spell is *fixed* at 2 × the spell's level – 1, and does not change based on class levels. b. The minimum ability score for any spell is 10 + the spell's …

  • M2 _Meaning

    [[Main Page]] \\ [[Casting Rules]] \\ [[M2 _Meaning]] This system uses four common esoteric components — entropic resin, geodes, prismatic sand, and verdant salts. Additional special materials may appear in treasure which perform similarly to the …

  • Cost of Esoteric Components

    [[Main Page]] \\ [[Casting Rules]] \\ [[M2 _Meaning]] *Table: Esoteric Material Component Costs*

    *Spell Level*
    CL0123456789 …

  • Lost Doors

    [[Main Page]] \\ Facet: the "Lost Doors" [[Key Features]] of Arkos The remaining Cultures of Arkos fall into two basic categories. Dominant and Lost. The [[dominant cultures]] span the continent pooling in areas of denser populations due to …

  • In Plain English

    [[Main Page]] \\ [[IPE_Part 2|In Plain English Part 2]] This is for those of you who just want the stripped down basics. How is this world different from every other game you've played till now? How will these changes affect your character? What do I …

  • IPE_Part 2

    [[Main Page]] \\ [[In Plain English|In Plain English Part 1]] Here are a couple of facts I'll be up front about which may turn you off about playing in this game. These are Answers you would like to have known in Advance. Some what more revealing are …

  • Character Creation Outline

    [[Main Page]] \\ [[Table of Contents]] \\ [[Character Creation Outline]] *How to Create a Character.* 1. Establish a [[Concept First]]. Don’t worry about attributes or abilities, understand your desired character first… the rest will follow. …

  • RTJ

    Request to Join. Look this is an Advertisement to the deeper game. I understand the desire to know more. To seek a deeper game. That's why I'm running in the first place. There are things which I will be happy to explain if further detail but I' …

  • Player Class

    [[Warlord]] (Strkr)[[EdgeWalker]][[Medium]] (PrtCst}
  • Rules and Homebrew

    [[Main Page]] \\ Standard Template [[Lost Doors]] \\ Frontier Tales \\ [[Vanguards Edge]] *How to [[Character Creation Outline|Create a Character]].*

    1. [[Concept First]]. 2. Alignment. [[Benchmarks]], 3. [[Race]] 4. [[Player …

  • Race

    [[Main Page]] \\ [[Table of Contents]] With all due respect to Tolkien, DnD standard or RAW. This is my own game and mine own world I'm trying to not regurgitate plot and atmosphere from those books – thus, I’ve renamed a lot of races and included …

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